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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2021 / Vol 44 No 3


66 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK AMCO ENTERPRISES 4209 Hahn Boulevard Fort Worth, Texas 76117 TEL 866-651-AMCO EMAIL WEB AMCO ENTERPRISES: YOUR METRIC FASTENER SPECIALISTS FOR OVER 50 YEARS AMCO Enterprises is a full-line distributor of topquality fasteners, industrial “class C”, and specialty items. They specialize in solutions for high-volume OEMs across a broad range of industries. AMCO Enterprises was initially founded in response to the rapidly-growing need for Hardware and Bracket Kits to support the fledgling after-market automotive airconditioning industry, which has its roots in the North Texas area. The business quickly evolved to supply the state-side installation of so-called “luxury items” such as air-conditioning, power windows, and power locks into imported cars. Japanese and European carmakers were faced with stiff tariffs on these “luxury items” at the time and responded by setting up mini-factories near the ports of entry into the United States where these options and upgrades were installed using Hardware Kits supplied, in part, by AMCO Enterprises. This led to their initial focus on metric hardware, while most of the domestic fastener industry largely ignored metrics. Unparalleled Customer Service While it may sound trite, what makes AMCO Enterprises unique is its focus on customer service. They recognize that no two customers are the same, and they are willing to adapt and adjust to the way each customer prefers to operate. With a few exceptions, the hardware they provide is no different from that offered by their competition - that’s just the nature of the business. The difference at AMCO Enterprises is their people and the flexibility in their approach to doing business. They learned a long time ago that there is no one-size-fitsall solution to keeping a customer happy. The magic happens when combining that flexibility with a rock-solid dependability day in and day out, year after year. More than just a supplier, AMCO Enterprises is a BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE resource. Delivering exactly the right parts on time, every time is just the beginning. At AMCO, they pride themselves on being much more than a simple components supplier. By offering a broad array of value-added services, they have become a valuable resource to their clients in the areas of design assistance, logistics, materials management, and production support. With their relentless focus on efficiency and prudent application of modern technology, they have repeatedly been able to assist their clients in maximizing the return on their Class C purchasing expenditures. From the early stages of product design through preliminary testing and on to final production, AMCO Enterprises is available to assist every step of the way. ¤ Design assistance - selecting the best fastening solution for a particular application involves much more than simply understanding the mechanical characteristics of assembled joints (though this is, of course, a minimum requirement). Often, the key to success is combining that technical information with an up-to-date working knowledge of the ever-changing components supply industry. It is during the early stages of design that the greatest opportunities for real-world cost savings can be found. CONTINUED ON PAGE 134


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