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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2022 / Vol 45 No 3


32 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK COMPUTER INSIGHTS INC. 108 Third Street, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 TEL 1-800-539-1233 EMAIL WEB CONTAINER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM by Dennis Cowhey Overseas Shipment Visibility The Business Edge TM allows you to see when things are on the water and when to expect them without hunting for the information. You can easily track all of the items on any container. Information is available to everyone that needs it, fully integrated into the screens they already use. If you are managing your inbound inventory outside of your ERP system, important information is difficult to find for people who need to see it. Avoid losing money and customers over miscommunication. The features make it easy to keep track of everything related to your imported products without leaving the system or storing anything outside The Business Edge. TM Container Information ¤ Carrier ¤ Carrier’s Container Number ¤ Vessel Name ¤ Port of Origin ¤ Port of Entry ¤ Scheduled Departure Date ¤ Expected Arrival Date ¤ Container Status Increase Your Landed Cost Using Cost Distribution Categories Defined By You ¤ Port & Harbor Fees ¤ Duties ¤ Tariffs ¤ Transportation Expenses ¤ Storage ¤ Additional Costs With our well-organized approach to managing your in-bound containers, you can offer superior service to your customers with less effort than before. Having the information at your fingertips ensures that the data is available for customers on a timely and accurate basis no matter who in your organization they contact. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 114

Endries International is pleased to announce that we have acquired certain assets of Old Dominion Fasteners, Inc. Old Dominion was founded in 1995 in Lynchburg, VA by Mack McCormick, Wanda Hicks and Gary Kitts. Old Dominion was built around a commitment to customer service that has endured since the inception of operation. Today the company provides a full line of fasteners including many customer specific per print parts. In addition, Old Dominion provides VMI solutions. “Endries is thrilled to welcome the Old Dominion associates, customers, and suppliers into our family. Mack and Wanda will be assisting Endries through a transition period and then leaving the business to enjoy their well-earned retirement,” said Steve Endries, President of Endries. Over time, the Old Dominion staff and inventories will be transferring to Endries’ operation in Lynchburg under the leadership of Scott Wolf. Endries is a leading distributor of fasteners and Class-C parts serving industrial OEMs worldwide. From its headquarters in Brillion, WI and eleven U.S. and international distribution centers, Endries provides over 500,000 SKUs to its customer base. Endries operates primarily through a VMI model for its customers across diverse industrial end markets. For more information contact Endries International by Tel: 920- 756-5381 or visit them online at THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 33


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