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Distributor's Link Magazine Summer 2022 / Vol 45 No 3


48 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Jim Truesdell James Truesdell is President of Brauer Supply Company, a distributor of specialty fasteners, insulation, air filtration, and air conditioning with headquarters in St. Louis. Mr. Truesdell is adjunct professor at Saint Louis University and Webster University. An attorney and frequently published writer, he is the author of “Total Quality Management: Reports From the Front Lines”. PAY TRANSPARENCY - BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR The Biden Administration is beating the drums for the concept of “Pay Transparency” as a supposed remedy for pay discrimination in the workplace. The idea is that, by making the pay levels of everyone publicly available, it will automatically do away with inequities in compensation levels (which inequities are assumed to be an inherent evil). This should then lead to happier workers and more productive employees. Sure! (?) What does “pay transparency” mean? It involves laws that compel prospective salary information to be disclosed to job candidates. It encompasses company policy that freely states to existing employees what is being paid to people at all levels of the organization. It is very easy to find articles written and speeches given by “experts”, politicians, and social commentators who tout the virtues of pay transparency and how it will make things so much better for companies. Here is a telling bit of information. A 2020 study by WorldatWork showed that 67 per cent of surveyed organizations view pay transparency as increasingly important. BUT-----the report, conducted with support by Mercer, showed that only 14 per cent of these organizations are giving pay transparency more than a “moderate” level of attention. It seems like business leaders are buying in to the public arguments being advanced extolling transparency (or they give the politically correct answer that they agree with its proponents) but studiously avoid any action. It’s like they know that CONTRIBUTOR ARTICLE bringing this to reality will create a lot more problems than it will solve. The big secret as to why some of these “trends” in personnel practices exist is that they are pushed by academics, employee advocates, and people who are staff employees or government workers who are not themselves bosses who are responsible for the bottom line. Employers are seeking stable workforces free from internal strife. Parties who push these policies do so because they themselves benefit from the implementation of such “transparency”, and their advocacy creates a “bandwagon effect.” It follows on other widely discussed ideas where companies loudly proclaim their support of issues by which they can “virtue signal”, but they know it is not really in their own business’ interest. Look at all the articles written lately on how productive remote work is (after the pandemic). Wonderful for employees, sure, but how about service for the customers of these businesses? These “experts” will tote out “evidence” that company productivity will be improved, but it is largely evidence backed by wishful thinking and anecdotal observations. What about “diversity” and “anti-racism” programs initiated at companies? Sometimes these programs might just result in dividing their workforce by insisting on people’s acceptance of guilt. What about the constant push for four day workweeks or 35 hour workweeks at the same pay? What do those plans do for customer service? CONTINUED ON PAGE 130

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 49 Birmingham Fastener and Supply Inc. is excited to announce the acquisition of Champion Sales and Manufacturing, Inc., a leading rubber gasket company based in Magnolia, TX. With over 100 years of combined experience in the rubber gasket industry, the acquisition strengthens Birmingham Fastener’s waterworks product offering, manufacturing diversity and world-class staff. Champion manufactures mechanical joint, push-on, and other gaskets for the waterworks industry. With this acquisition, Birmingham Fastener and its sister companies can expand product and service offerings to their customers. “Jerry Franey has always been someone I have looked up to in the waterworks industry,” says Birmingham Fastener CEO Brad Tinney, “I am deeply humbled that his family chose Birmingham Fastener to continue the legacy he started in 1983. We both share a deep belief in domestic manufacturing.” “Champion Manufacturing is well known for their experience in creating the highest quality, custom made gaskets,” says Tinney, “Champion’s technology and expertise will allow us to better support our customers as they seek custom gaskets made from specialty rubbers and elastomers that are manufactured to the tightest tolerances.” For further information contact Birmingham Fastener Inc. by Tel: 1-800- 695-3511 or online at


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