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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter Issue 2013 / VOL 36 / NO.1


34 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Always looking for an opportunity to better support their distributors AZ Lifting Hardware (AZLH) has broadened their product offering by adding Adjustable Yoke Ends to their line. Introduced in their most recent catalog are six popular sizes in stock for same day shipping: 1/4-28, 5/16-28, 3/8-24, 1/2-13, 5/8-11 and 3/4-10. Each Yoke End is forged to the standard industrial specification and can be easily crossed referenced. Not in their catalog, but available for shipment within 24 hours are several additional thread pitches: 1/2-13 LH, 1/2-20 RH, 1/2-20 LH, 5/8-11 LH, 5/8-18 RH and 5/8-18 LH. “The addition of Adjustable Yoke Ends has been a nice roll-out from the Clevis Ends added last year” adds Tim Merriman, Business Development Manager. “We have been pleased with the interest in the marketplace for this line and plan to add even more thread pitch options in the near future.” AZ Lifting Hardware is a wholesale distributor of industrial rigging hardware such as turnbuckles, eye bolts, shackles, hooks and related chain hardware as well as machining of custom eye bolts. For more information contact them at 7150 W. Roosevelt St. Ste C101, Phoenix, AZ 85043. Tel: 1-888- 936-1466, Fax: 623-936- 8909 or visit their website at


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