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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter Issue 2014 / VOL 37 / NO.1


50 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Pivot Point Inc. and the Leitzke family have a rich history pioneering the manufacture of fastening solutions. The company traces its history back to 1921 when Rein Leitzke invented and received a patent on the Automatic Coupling. Rein Leitzke went on to found Leitzke Specialties in 1929, engaged in the manufacture of various fasteners- such as clevises, clevis pins, cotter pins, keystock and washersused primarily in the agricultural and machine building industries. The company name was later changed to Rein Leitzke Incorporated. Pivot Point Incorporated PO Box 488, Hustisford, WI 53034 Tel: 1-800-222-2231 Fax: 920-349-3251 Email: NON-THREADED FASTENER INNOVATION IS A FAMILY TRADITION AT PIVOT POINT "agricultural fasteners", other industrial markets for Pivot Point Non-Threaded Fastener Solutions have rapidly emerged, and Pivot Point supplies reliable fasteners for a multitude of industries including transportation, material handling, military and defense, aerospace, automation, medical, consumer products and more. Pivot Point's line of fastener solutions continues to evolve in response to demand for increasingly complex and unique fasteners. In the same spirit of innovation as founder Rein Leitzke, Pivot Point has developed unique, exclusive fastener innovations* such as SLIC Pins (with Self-Locking- Implanted-Cotter), Bow-Tie Locking Cotter Pins, Rue-Ring Locking Cotter Pins, Auto-Lock Safety Pull Pins, Nylon Lanyards and Infinity S-hooks. Pivot Point supplies both stock and specialty Non- Threaded Fastener Solutions, including Clevis Pins, Cotter Pins, Quick Release Pins and Devices, Locking Pins, Steel Cable/Lanyard Assemblies and more. The company continually invests in automation, manufacturing, systems and improvements to allow them to provide fast lead times and competitive pricing. Rein Leitzke in his office Rein Leitzke proved to be an extraordinary inventor and industrialist, creating such notable fastener inventions as the Split Washer, Adjustable Clevis Pin and Self-Locking Cotter Pin. Not limiting himself to fasteners, he also invented practical products for everyday use, such as the Fencing Wire Stretcher, Stone Sling, Fish Mouth Opener and even the famous Bullhead Skinner. His company evolved over the years to offer ever increasing product lines and unique innovations until its sale in the 1970's. In 1982 grandson Rue Leitzke resurrected the family fastener business under the name Pivot Point Incorporated. While the current product line includes many of the original Glayr Leitzke (center, Rein’s son) with workers inside of original factory Worker inspects part- Circa 1939 please turn to page 158


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