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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter Issue 2014 / VOL 37 / NO.1


66 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence 1325 G Street, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005 Tel: 202-872-0885 Fax: 202-785-0586 THE NAW INSTITUTE FOR DISTRIBUTION EXCELLENCE RELEASES “FACING THE FORCES OF CHANGE ® : REIMAGINING DISTRIBUTION IN A CONNECTED WORLD The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence has released Facing the Forces of Change®: Reimagining Distribution in a Connected World, the 10th edition in a series recognized over the last 30 years as the finest research to look at the future of wholesale distribution. Quantity discounts apply when ordering two or more copies. Pricing and order information are available at NAW’s website. This 10th edition is authored by Guy Blissett, Wholesale Distribution Lead at IBM, and NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence Fellow. The study provides wholesaler distributors, their suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders with strategic insights into the key business and economic trends affecting the wholesale distribution supply chain through 2018. It also describes innovative strategies and tactics that distributors can use in response to these trends. As the study highlights, there is no shortage of “forces of change” that will impact wholesale distributors over the next 3 to 5 years and transform the industry. There is also no shortage of opportunities for distributors to embrace and leverage these forces. Specifically, distributors must • social networking • capitalize on opportunities in e-commerce, mobility, and embrace the full potential of advanced analytics reimagine both their role in the value chain and the structure and functions that comprise their organization. These existing and future trends will transform the industry, changing the way wholesalerdistributors interact with customers and suppliers, altering the role of individual functions within the distribution business, and driving the imperative for true business model innovation. This report can help distributors take steps to plan, prepare, and execute strategies to capitalize on the forces of change. Distributors are encouraged to develop short-term and long-term strategies that anticipate the trends and ultimately drive business growth and customer value. What’s inside this brand-new study: • For the first time - a macroeconomic outlook from NAW Senior Economic Advisor Alan Beaulieu • A straightforward presentation of the major trends • In-depth management discussion questions • Time-bucketed action ideas that executives and managers can implement in their companies right away • Data from surveys and research focused on trends in wholesale distribution • Insights from a broader range of industry leaders in six key functional areas. These key areas can be identified as: [1] CEO, President, Owner [2] Operations [3] Sales and Marketing [4] Finance [5] Information Technology [6] Human Resources. please turn to page 149

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