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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter Issue 2014 / VOL 37 / NO.1


72 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Partnership is the mantra, motto and manifesto of Advance Components. We work to advance your success and collaborate with you to deliver the best in quality fastener stock, customer service, engineering applications and shipping. Regional Support Our Regional Sales Managers excel in helping you find the right part for the job, no matter how small or obscure. They will provide you with the best fastener solution at a competitive cost. That’s how we build relationships with our customers. “We are not interested in the status quo with our clients, but in driving things forward and making a difference in their business,” says Dave Audia, VP of Sales and Business Development. “We are constantly looking for opportunities to deliver added value to our key customers and suppliers. Being the go-to specialty fastener solution is our goal and privilege.” Whether walking the production line or assisting in a product teardown, we are there to help our customers across the country advance with a competitive edge. Logistical Support The Advance warehouse is like a fine-tuned Formula One racecar. Turbocharged. Precise. Primed. Fast. Very fast. It is the engine that drives Advance’s promise of exceptional service. We stock it like we mean it, and we do it for our customers. “Speed and quality of products are what the clients expect, and that is what we strive to deliver every day,” says Michael Baughman, VP of Purchasing and Distribution. “We work with manufacturers to get you the quantity you need, and we have the parts in stock, so lead times are often reduced or eliminated. We pick it, bag it and ship it fast, so our customers get the right part with a guarantee of quality.” Advance Components 2920 Commodore Drive #100 Carrollton, TX 75007 Tel: 972-446-5500 Fax: 972-323-3100 Email: A PARTNERSHIP FOR SUCCESS Engineering Support Advance’s Inside Sales Team is part of our best-inclass network that helps our customers succeed. Partnering with our Regional Sales Managers, they assist with detailed engineering application advice for clients throughout North America. “Our team is wellinformed, well-connected and reliable,” says Terri House, VP of Sales and Account Management. “We are constantly learning about new applications and products, and we share our expertise in order to help our customers find the best part for the job, no matter how difficult the task. “ Stocking For The Future Advance works with our suppliers to ensure that our sales force is extensively trained throughout the year. We aren’t just stocking our shelves with quality products, but we are backing them with on-going product, engineering and business application training. “We work with our suppliers and customers to form a successful partnership, and product knowledge is the key to that success,” says Gary Cravens, President of Advance. “Making a difference in our client’s business by being a trusted adviser and an advocate for positive change and growth is our goal. We value our customers and I think we show that by offering only the best in service and products.” A Small Giant For 40-plus years, Advance clients have been counting on us to get the job done every time. We’re striving to advance to a new level of service that will help our customers achieve long-term profitability and growth. We are on your team. We have the skills, expertise, products, capabilities, service and stock to help you succeed. Let’s go!


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