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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter Issue 2016 / Vol 39 No1


34 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK STRATEGIZE-IN.COM c/o Information Innovations, Conesville, OH 43811 TEL 740-294-8930 EMAIL WEB NORTH AMERICA’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE FASTENER SOURCING PLATFORM On July 30th, 2015, a new fastener sourcing & information portal – “” was launched which envisions to be North America’s most comprehensive fastener sourcing platform. This platform is aimed at complementing E-procurement decisions by Strategic Sourcing Teams, the idea is for fastener buyers to start strategizing online to optimize costs and identifying the right suppliers. After making many new connections at the 2015 National Industrial and Mill Supply Expo, it has become clear that one of the main challenges in the industry is buyers finding suppliers who can provide requested materials according to a buyer’s specifications. At Strategize-in we strive to alleviate this problem through providing a way for buyers to post their inquiries with detailed specifications at a single forum that can be accessed by any subscribing suppliers. This platform is very well timed in the era of social media and eCommerce. With the exponential growth of the internet and next generation of tech savvy owners and professionals in the Industry taking charge, has tremendous scope to add value to your businesses. Giving you 24x7 access with increasing global reach and providing another avenue for marketing and advertisement. As proof of the concept, a similar platform conceptualized by the same team has already been successfully established for the Asian territory for 3 years with a growing number of users and analytics. We have simply taken this platform and ported it into the world’s largest markets in affiliation with a qualified professional team at Information Innovations, Conesville (OH). As you browse the site (, you will find it to be a comprehensive source of all Fastener related activities. We have an exhaustive directory of North American and other global listings that can be viewed online. Verticals such as raw material, machinery, tooling as well as surplus offers are covered as well. Buyer inquiries can be viewed online with a username & password issued after registration. Inquiries are for standard as well as special parts which can immediately connect buyers with suppliers who can be hard to find. Raw material consisting of wire rods, wires and bars are a major cost component & sourcing right can be done using E-procurement. Offers by suppliers & requirements by manufacturers can be posted online. Machinery and tooling needs are also addressed where regular offers of used machinery can also be viewed online. Overstock listings can be posted free wherein the probability of dead stock being converted to cash is far greater with the entire industry viewing the platform regularly. Lastly, a plethora of information regarding upcoming fairs and events globally, updated industry news, publications and associations related to the Fastener Industry is also available. Most of the services are free to use permanently except unlimited access to inquiries which currently is on free trial and would have an annual charge once the site reaches optimal value for suppliers. The purpose of the free trial is for companies to ascertain the authenticity and quality of the buyer inquiries and upgrade only on finding confidence in the services. The key to future growth and success of the platform lies with growing Industry participation. Have a look, browse through the site and try the services to make an informed decision. Go BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE STRATEGIZE-IN.COM



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