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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter Issue 2017 / Vol 40 No1


36 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK MSI PRODUCTS 3575 Stern Avenue, St. Charles, IL 60174 TEL 1-800-678-2544 FAX 1-800-678-0857 WEB THE NEXT GENERATION OF PVF At MSI Products, we are taking Industrial PVF to the next level. As we see it; the “Next Generation of PVF”. For far too long the Industrial PVF industry has been serviced the same old way, while little differentiation has been brought to the forefront by way of Innovation. Too often we see Pipe Fittings as a commodity product, and in a lot of ways that classification holds true. However, ask MSI’s Distribution Partners servicing Industrial OEM’s, Food or Dairy Processing, Chemical, Oil and Gas Refining, etc where their day to day challenges lie, and in most cases these same issues arise. Material Traceability Field Support • Consolidation of Supply Chain In this article, we aim to outline the solutions MSI is bringing to the table for these key challenges. Material Conformance/Lot Code Traceability Unlike fasteners, there can be a lot of uncertainty in your PVF supply chain today. For instance, how do you ensure proper item form / fit / function per your customers requirements? How about, being able to identify the material conformance of your product offering, to industry standards which vary whether Malleable, Carbon or Stainless? Today, when you’re asked, “how much nickel is in that stainless steel fastener?”, you know you have a Material Test Report available to provide such clarity. But, what about when a customer asks you how much nickel is in your stainless steel pipe fitting? What do you tell them? Material Test Reports are now available for you on Pipe Fittings through MSI! This is not “Brand Traceable” or “Country of Origin Only”....this is a TRUE Material Test Report direct from MSI. The engineer(s) at your Chemical Plant/Refinery will want to know the exact material composition of your product. Your OEM customer wants to reference the true dimensional makeup, to ensure proper design fit and function, not just what the industry standard calls out. Your Food Processing customer may want you to prove the nickel content meets regulation. How about your Oil and Gas customer, who requires seamless installation in the field, as such field failures and threading issues can be catastrophic and must be avoided on the front end of sourcing. That is where MSI comes in. Only MSI, can provide MTR’s across all material types, from 150# to 6000#. From published product specifications, to a consistent supply chain, we have you covered. Our product will come either Stamped or Laser Printed with a unique Heat Code for easy access to Material Test Reports. Our process is simple and does not require login or passwords to access the data. Simply enter your heat code and a PDF version of your MTR will be available for download. Simplifying how you service your end customers needs, is our #1 priority. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 128


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