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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter Issue 2017 / Vol 40 No1


84 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK Beacon Fasteners and Components is expanding their thread forming line again by stocking High Salt Spray Full Trilobe Thread Forming Screws! Parts are steel-zinc RoHS with a high salt spray plating of 96 hours to white rust and 120 hours to red rust. Beacon is excited to offer a variety of drives, head styles, and sizes complete off the shelf in bulk and small volume quantities. Kameron Dorsey, National Sales Manager commented, “We recognize that our customers need Thread Forming screws to meet higher salt spray requirements and available in lower volume quantities. With this new product addition, our customers can rely on Beacon to save them time and costs associated with secondary processing. This is just another way Beacon is able to streamline the procurement process to help customers be more efficient.” Contact Beacon’s sales team at 1-800-669- 2658 or 847-353-2000. Email customerservice@ or fax to 847-541-1789, or visit them online at Provided by Distribution One a leading provider of comprehensive ERP software to wholesalers and distributors, is thrilled to announce our 2017 User Conference taking place next April in Las Vegas. Regarding the 2015 User Conference, attendees have remarked: “We discovered features that we are not currently using but will take advantage of to further improve how our business runs” and “The interactive lab sessions with Distribution One staff provided a deeper understanding of the software.” Building on this overwhelming success, our 2017 User Conference will furnish our customers with three indispensable days of educational presentations, training workshops, networking, and so much more. Built for users and led by our proactive team of product managers, developers, and support staff, the Distribution One User Conference already stands as the can’t-miss event of 2017. We are actively developing the full conference agenda to provide the greatest benefit to our users. Currently, the impressive list of featured topics already includes: • Presentations and Personal Interactions with Distribution One staff and partners • User-Focused ERP-ONE Training Topics and Best Practices • Exploration of ERP-ONE Software Features/ Applications • Unveiling of New ERP-ONE Functionality • Discussion of Supplemental Programs • Social Activities and Networking • An Industry-Renown Special Guest Speaker From the start, Distribution One partners with every customer to ensure a smooth transition and create a continued avenue for sharing information that initiates ideas for valuable enhancements. Our process-based ERP-ONE software training is applied directly to your business model and is offered on-site or via webinar. Our team of ERP professionals thrives on providing live US-based customer service to 8000+ users worldwide. For more information, contact Distribution One at 856-380-0629, or at You can visit their website at


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