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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2020 / Vol 44 No 1


26 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK PENN ENGINEERING 5190 Old Easton Road, Danboro, PA 18916 TEL 1-800-237-4736 FAX 215-766-0143 EMAIL WEB ADVANCEMENTS IN MICRO FASTENING TECHNOLOGY by Kent Johnston, Global Market Manager Consumer Electronics Can the little things in life sometimes present big challenges? Take small, compact consumer electronics, for example. Figuring out how to best attach your small components for final product assembly can oftentimes be anything but easy. The demands of size, durability, limited footprints, and fast-changing technology – along with the need to control hardware costs – are some of the most typical attachment issues for end products like smart watches, cameras, headphones, tablets, and every product in between. But we’re in luck. Entire families of micro fasteners, threaded and unthreaded, already have a place in the world of consumer electronics and are serving us well. Some of today’s micro fasteners rely on self-clinching fastener technology, where the fastener becomes a permanent and integral part of a thin metal assembly. Other types are designed for installation in plastics and printed circuit boards. Many can be installed automatically in high volumes, as typically required to promote cost-effective and timely production. The number and types of micro fasteners have expanded over time in response to new application needs. But as customer requirements become more complex, the need for new micro fastening innovation grows. For that reason, PennEngineering® continues to expand their portfolio of microPEM® fastener products. ¤ microPEM ® Concealed Rotary Standoff uses a technology that installs the standoff securely into thin sheet metal with low axial force – keeping one side of the panel aesthetically clean with no or minimal markings – while still providing strong pull-out and torque-out resistances. In addition to use in consumer electronics, the versatile technology is adaptable to other applications including telecom/5G, medical equipment, LED lighting, and more. A Look at New microPEM ® Fastening Solutions Here’s a quick overview of the latest microPEM® innovations to join our family: ¤ microPEM ® ClampDisk Fastener is a presson, removable fastener that’s engineered to generate clamp load and provide fast and simple sheet-to-sheet attachment. TECHNICAL ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 108


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