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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2020 / Vol 44 No 1


34 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK MW INDUSTRIES, INC 2400 Farrell Rd, Houston, TX 77073 TEL 1-800-875-3510 EMAIL WEB VIBRANTLY ALIVE AT 45: POSITIONED TO CONQUER THE FUTURE The story of MW Industries is truly a shining example of the American Dream. Believing in their vision, Peter Mess, a young immigrant from Germany, along with his brother-inlaw, Philip Wunderlich, took a risk and became successful entrepreneurs in the tool & die, metal stampings and world of washers manufacturing, which over time expanded to high-quality CNC machining and laser cutting. 45 years later, MW Industries still serves their original customers – this speaks volumes about their commitment to quality, which stands behind every product they manufacture. “Staying consistent with our values, promises and output has given us the foundation to not just survive during hard economic years (including this pandemic) but to thrive,” commented MW Industries management team: Rick Evangelista, Theresa Cater and Andy Hees. Ask any of their customers and without hesitation they will confirm that MW Industries is reliable, trustworthy and dedicated. The winning formula that fuels the achievements of MW Industries is their adaptability to current conditions, always addressing the needs of the customer, envisioning the future with building expansions and staying ahead of the curve with vital equipment and present-day technology. Other profound evidence of the integrity of this company can be found in the longevity of their employees. MW Industries operates with the strength of three generations from the same family. Several members of the management team, sales team, and operations have been committed to the company for decades as all embrace the same business philosophy, which aligns their vision for the future with the solid, true roots of MW Industries. Hard work, integrity, sacrifice and above all, placing the customer’s needs first will remain the framework and foundation of MW Industries, now and for decades to come. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE MW INDUSTRIES INC


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