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Distributor's Link Magazine Fall 2020 / Vol 44 No 1


38 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK ABABA BOLT EL CAJON 1466-1 Pioneer Way, El Cajon, CA 92020 TEL 619-440-1781 SAN MARCOS 880-A Rancheros Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069 TEL 760-546-1781 WEB ABABA BOLT STANDING APART IN THE INDUSTRY I am always interested in how successful people ended up where they are. Sometimes it’s a carefully planned path; other times, it has some randomness at the start. I have known Jim Law for years. He is full of life, both quick with a joke and very serious about his company. The company was founded in 1975 in San Diego County. I asked him how it began. Why fasteners? He was gratuitous enough to share some of his story - Dennis Cowhey, President, Computer Insights Ababa Bolt History It was 1974, and Jim Law was at the pinnacle of his career path as a medical research technician, and he was looking for his next career path. His Mother and Father had dismantled their lifelong business adventures of Ababa Demolition, Ababa Surplus, Ababa Trucking, and Ababa Hardware and wound up land rich and cash poor. His parents needed to start something new, but it had to be out of the Los Angeles basin’s choking smog. His mom chose San Diego, and his dad chose fasteners. As his parents were putting together their plan, his dad asked Jim if he was interested in making his career change with them. At that point, he was in a committed relationship with Cathy, now his wife of 44 years, and he had to sell her on the idea. They were both young, fearless, and ready for a new adventure. JIM LAW, OWNER ABABA BOLT (LEFT) WITH DENNIS COWHEY, PRESIDENT COMPUTER INSIGHTS INC (RIGHT) A used step van was purchased and stocked with MRO supplies to service the automotive repair shops. His dad’s knowledge from his own truck maintenance experience allowed him to speak their target customers’ language. His father was the outside salesperson, and Jim manned a small office location in San Diego, CA. Product was stocked on shelves around the walls with a table in the middle for packaging and sorting mixed plated products. It was a modest beginning, but the business grew fast. In 1977 Jim and his parents opened a second location in San Marcos, CA, called North County Bolt Company. When his dad passed away in 1979, Jim incorporated the two companies under the name Ababa Bolt. Ababa Bolt Stands Apart Ababa Bolt stands apart from many competitors by its commitment to continuous product training for employees through in-house education and reaching out to vendors and engineers for technical education. Being a family business from the start, it’s no surprise that their company culture is family-oriented. The company focus is on long term relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and strategic partners. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE CONTINUED ON PAGE 116

The Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) has scheduled its annual spring meeting for March 6-9, 2021, in Scottsdale, AZ. Managing director Dan Walker acknowledged the IFI would normally have celebrated its 90th anniversary at its spring meeting, but he anticipates attendance “will be hampered by virus fears,” so the 90th will be marked during the October 3-5, 2021 meeting at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Walker said he is hopeful the COVID situation “will be under control” by October and “our attendance is suitable for the celebration.” If necessary, the spring meeting will be switched to virtual, Walker said. The 2020 autumn meeting had been planned for Memphis was held in virtual format instead. The IFI also conducts automotive and aerospace division meetings and memberonly training events. Industrial Fasteners Institute is a trade association of leading North American fastener manufacturers and suppliers of materials, machinery, equipment and/or engineered services. Founded in 1931, IFI members combine their resources to seek solutions that advance fastener application engineering. IFI welcomes new members, and encourages those who want to learn more about the benefits of institute membership to contact them by Tel: 216-241- 1482 or visit Courtesy of THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 39


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