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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter 2023 / Vol 46 No 1


116 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK JOE DYSART AUTO-TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO MEETINGS from page 52 And additional new features for these solutions just keep coming -- thanks to fierce competition among video meeting transcriber app makers. Key apps to evaluate include, Descript, Dubber, Fathom, Interprefy, Amazon Transcribe, Nuance, IBM Watson, Transcribeme,, Sonix, Voicea, QNAP and Trint. As with most apps in a hyper-competitive niche, there’s an excellent chance fastener distributors will be able to find one that’s perfect for you. Overall, here are the features to look for in a best-ofbreed video meeting transcriber: ¤ Live Transcription On-the-Fly: Incredibly, many AI-powered meeting transcribers now stream a live text transcription of a meeting in progress. This voiceto-text feature is great for fastener distributors who may have missed something, people who have arrived late to a meeting or people who are having a problem understanding the voice of a specific person. ¤ Live Transcription Editing, On-the-Fly: With live transcription often standard with today’s meeting transcribers, it makes sense that many offer real-time editing of a transcript of a meeting in progress. With many solutions sporting this optimization, you can mark certain statements as ‘action items’ to follow-up on, type in questions in response to what’s being said, or mark moments in the transcript you plan to revisit after the meeting’s over. ¤ Body Language Analysis On-The-Fly: Perfect for fastener distributor execs who sometimes have to miss a meeting, this feature enables AI to study the gazes, body language and facial expressions of people attending a video meeting and then embed the meaning of those movements into the transcript. A thumbs-up at a meeting, for example, translates to a thumbs-up emoji in the transcript. And a bored look translates into a bored-look emoji. ¤ Add Real-Time Human Translators: Some AI-driven transcribers are also designed to port picturein-picture feeds of human translators or human sign language specialists into a meeting video. This feature enables you to broadcast a meeting in as many languages RELYING ON AI TRANSCRIPTIONS MEANS YOU’LL NEVER NEED TO STRUGGLE TO KEEP UP WITH A MEETING WHILE TRYING TO TAKE NOTES. as you wish -- in real-time. ¤ Bookmarking: No more trying to remember where in the video a salient point popped-up during a meeting that you want to remember. With many solutions, fastener distributors can simply create a timestamp bookmark of a moment of a meeting you want to revisit -- with a simple click. ¤ Meeting Summaries: Given that AI summary technology is already so well developed, it’s no surprise that many AI meeting transcribers offer text summaries of meetings within minutes of a meeting’s conclusion. ¤ After-Meeting-Transcript Editing: The same transcript editing actions you can perform while a meeting is in progress can also be used to enhance a transcript after the meeting’s over -- including adding questions, commentary, marking action items and the like. The same keyword feature also enables you to autoadd a slide, screenshot or other image at any point in the transcript with a single click. ¤ Search-by-Keyword: Many solutions automatically generate a list of keywords fastener distributors can use to search for statements and concepts discussed at the meeting, bringing you to specific points in the transcript where those search terms are discussed -- and also enabling you to call-up the corresponding audio that generated those insights. CONTINUED ON PAGE 117

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 117 JOE DYSART AUTO-TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO MEETINGS from page 116 ¤ Plug-and-Play Integration: Many solutions are pre-configured to work seamlessly with popular software apps and platforms including Slack, Asana, Jira, Salesforce and Hubspot. With some solutions, distributing a meeting transcript on a Slack channel, for example, takes only a click or two. ¤ Auto-Sync With Popular Calendars: With many auto-transcribers, the transcription of a meeting will start automatically as long as you schedule the meeting using popular calendar software from Google or Microsoft. ¤ Query the Transcript for Info: On the horizon, some AI developers hope to embed additional tools in transcription software that will enable fastener distributors and others to query the stored transcript of a meeting with specific questions you have about topics discussed. ¤ Free: In some cases, some high-powered AI MANY SOLUTIONS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATE A LIST OF KEYWORDS YOU CAN USE TO SEARCH FOR STATEMENTS AND CONCEPTS DISCUSSED AT THE MEETING. transcription solutions are actually free. The logic: The app makers are looking to grow the popularity of their apps very quickly by offering an exciting product -- and then start charging users looking to add premium features. JOE DYSART


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