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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter 2023 / Vol 46 No 1


120 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK JO MORRIS FASTENER TRAINING INSTITUTE PRESENTS 2023 TRAINING SCHEDULE from page 56 2023 FTI One-Day Class, Webinar and Special Event Schedule ¤ January 19 - Metric Fasteners Part 1 (Webinar) ¤ January 26 - Metric Fasteners Part 2 (Webinar) ¤ February 9 - Fastener Basics (San Diego, CA) ¤ March 16 - Product Training Part 1 (Los Angeles, CA) ¤ March 23 - Corrosion Resistant Fasteners & Stainless-Steel Fastener Specs (Webinar) ¤ April 20 - Product Training Part 2 (Los Angeles, CA) ¤ May 11 - Product Training Part 3 (Los Angeles, CA) ¤ May 15 - Fastening 101 at Fastener Fair (Nashville, TN) ¤ May 25 - Hydrogen Embrittlement – What Suppliers Need to Know (Webinar) ¤ June 8 - Fastener Specifications & Terminology - CFS Part 1 (Los Angeles, CA) ¤ July 13 - Understanding the Bolted Joint - CFS Part 2 (Los Angeles, CA) ¤ July 20 - Understanding Fastener Technical Drawings (Webinar) ¤ August 17 - Dimensional & Material Specifications - CFS Part 3 (Los Angeles, CA) ¤ September 26 - Fastener Quality Assurance, Print Reading and Inspection - CFS Part 4 (Los Angeles, CA) ¤ October 10 - How Fasteners Work at International Fastener Expo (Las Vegas, NV) ¤ November 16 - Fastener Basics (Union City, CA) The Fastener Training Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides beginning and advanced training on fastener products, standards and specifications. Our core purpose is to enhance fastener use, reliability and safety. Our mission is to make you more knowledgeable about the fastening products you buy, sell, specify or use. For more information about Fastener Training Institute email, call 562.473.5373 or visit us online at JO MORRIS | FASTENER TRAINING INSTITUTE ANTHONY DI MAIO BLIND RIVETS ARE A UNIVERSAL FASTENER from page 60 Even major users base their incoming inspection and quality control labs for break mandrel rivets is popular referenced on procurement drawings. This demonstrates user confidence that products are made to consistent quality levels. Automated assembly machines are today in operation for blind fasteners. Blind rivets are successfully fed at random (they orient themselves) at 45/min. these automatic machines have caught on well as part of the “installation cost” principle. These are numerous examples of semiautomatic installation equipment in the market place. I think the electronic sector is out in front currently. Many have designed there own installation tools quite different from convention approaches. Speed of installation of blind rivets has been a majoruser consideration for over a decade. As a result, several rivet manufacturers offer automatic or semiautomatic systems. The need for increased capability, improved reliability and economic installation are the major consideration that the blind rivet manufacturers are now addressing. We are confident that the technical aspects of automation can be overcome and where user values justifies. Automatic blind rivet systems can be economically justified. I mentioned the engineering advantage of blind rivets in the market-place. But, one difficulty has been in convincing purchasing and technical people that the only true measure of economic effectiveness of any fastening method is it’s ‘Installation Cost”. All too often a purchasing decision is made by only looking at the per-piece cost. The “installation cost” concept has taken time to develop. Even today, there is resistance. That’s our challenge to overcome with competitive selling. ANTHONY Di MAIO

THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK 121 AFC Industries has acquired Erie, PA based Champion Bolt. Champion, established in 1986, specializes in customsolutions and services for OEM assembly environments. AFC CEO Kevin Godin said, “Champion Bolt has demonstrated a long-term commitment to providing excellent service to customers and deepens several unique capabilities for the AFC platform. We welcome them to the AFC family” Champion President Dave Ott added, “Being part of the AFC group brings several resources that will unlock additional opportunities for us with both new and existing customers. We spoke with several potential buyers and are confident the AFC culture and strategy will be the best fit for our team and our customers.” Headquartered in Fairfield OH, AFC Industries is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing supply chain management solutions for fasteners, tooling, and assembly components to original equipment manufacturers, assembly plants, and other users of these products. Their supply solutions include Vendor Managed Inventory, Stock and Release programs, Light Assembly, Kitting, and Private Labeling services. For more information about AFC Industries visit them online at


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