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Distributor's Link Magazine Winter 2023 / Vol 46 No 1


32 THE DISTRIBUTOR’S LINK THE PHILLIPS SCREW COMPANY 1 Van De Graaff Drive, Burlington, MA 01803 TEL 781-224-9750 WEB WHAT IS HEXSTIX ® ? by Chris Gallant The patented HEXSTIX® drive system was developed by Phillips Screw Company to solve problems associated with loose and wobbly generic six-lobed fasteners. If you have ever tried to drive a screw into wood with a drill or driver and the fit of the bit to the screw was too loose, you know you are forced to hold the screw with your fingers until you get it started. The problem is more pronounced with longer screws. This can be a painful experience if you have a lot of screws to drive. The HEXSTIX® drive system delivers precise design and tolerancing of both the recess and bit to provide a wobble-free connection. The design also generates a STICK-TIGHT® fit through an engineered interference between bit and recess. When you push the fastener onto the bit, the fastener clings to the bit which frees your other hand up for holding work in place. This improved design places the interference at the root, thereby protecting the performance even when the bit wears on the outer edges. While these performance advantages require both a HEXSTIX® recess and a HEXSTIX® bit, the designs are compatible with common driver bits. For instance, you can drive or remove a fastener that has a HS-25 recess with a T-25 driver bit, you just won’t get the wobble-free, hands-free performance. If you are a fastener manufacturer and you sell generic six lobe or standard TORX® fasteners reach out to Chris Gallant ( to find out how you can switch to HEXSTIX®! HEXSTIX® and STICK-TIGHT® are registered trademarks of Phillips Screw Company, TORX® is a registered trademark of Acument Intellectual Properties. BUSINESS FOCUS ARTICLE THE PHILLIPS SCREW COMPANY


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